An Introduction To Mobile App Development

Mobile application development offers a special chance to the development team in creating a usable and actual application in short time period. It also shows the entrepreneurial chance matching a software developer. A software developer cannot construct a desktop app or web app. Yet development of mobile application is easily accessible to any developer. Many of the 8-bit and 16-bit applications are accepted on a tablet or mobile phone but on other frameworks, its not accepted readily.

Mobile applications development shows more opportunity for a single developer for building their personal venture as well as offering the opportunity to offer those skill sets to the many businesses that are in need of. In a survey of IT consultants for business the number one inquiry was about mobile app development. This is actually development of the future as this is the age of smart phone being part of our life.

What actually is mobile application development?

Mobile application development is not only about creating smart phone applications but it is more than that. It is performing the development type for any mobile device type. It means creating applications for tablets, phones, smart watches and other types of wearable devices which run on some operating system of mobile.

Mobile applications are created to be available and utilized on a smart phone for each and every individual. The applications of mobile can be made for the smart phone yet they are created as applications of web. This is going to be the trend in the future as the smart phones era is strengthening more and more.

Main platforms for mobile applications development

You can find various mobile applications development platforms but lets discuss about the main frameworks.

  • iOS
ios app development

It is the bigger mobile application platform in the recent days. As it is transferring the mobile software and device idea. It is created by apple as it runs on the products of apple company. This operating system runs on apple watches, apple tv, iPods, and iPhones but in the future their will be much more than this growth.

This platform is more like Unix depending on the OS X and Darwin. Its user interface is relied on UI of Apple’s Cocoa and it is redeveloped for the smart phones. It offers the developers of iOS with many libraries and tools in building applications.

  • Android
android mobile app development

The other main application development is android. It was launched late than iOS but it acquired a large share in the market of mobile. It is the operating system which is dominating the mobile market. Google backs up the android as it is open but apple doesn’t backup iOS as it is not open platform. Any individual can create an application on android device and run it on wide variety of frameworks and tools. But iOS mobile application platform runs only on the devices of apple. Java is the development platform for running the applications of android OS.

You can find many frameworks, devices, and complete platforms for enhancing the applications of mobile. As each programming language is supported in one or other form. You can even build mobile applications in the browser of a mobile.

Thus, these are the major mobile application development platforms which are used by iOS and android users for running and using their mobile applications.